Real Pilbara working environment, here in Perth, teaching real workplace skills and hazards and risk management that will save lives and give workers real skills needed to work in the shutdown mining maintenance industry.

"One of the best training aids I've seen."
Peter Ebell
Executive Director North Metropolitan TAFE

What is covered in the training?


This training is the next level in preparing workers for the shutdown maintenance environment in the Pilbara’s North West.

Life-size mining fixed plant with real equipment and hazards to manage and control.

Workers learn how to complete high-risk maintenance tasks with real workplace hazards in a safe and controlled environment.

We have gone to great lengths to recreate the mine site environment here in Perth, right down to the dense orange iron ore residue, so be prepared to get dirty!

Our great and realistic plant and equipment means that students become familiar with real-life hazards and risk management. Their skills and safety knowledge translates directly into the workplace. This is not training “for training sake”. This training will prepare you for work in the mining industry and potentially save your life, or at least a limp. 

Course delivery is split between online and practical. Students can take their time with self-interactive online learning and assessments at their own pace with multiple videos and activities. Meaning more time is spent working on the machine when it comes to practical delivery. 

With learner-focused training in small groups, students can improve their skills and hazard awareness making them more confident and efficient in the workplace environment.