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We understand that finding a job can be hard. Premier People are able to help you discover ongoing employment opportunities so that you no longer have to worry about what your next step will be. Simply select the position or industry below that best suits you and click the “Apply Now” button. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by clicking below.

Mining and Resources Jobs Recruitment Perth and Port Hedland

Mining and Resources

Premier People have built a strong recruitment presence on all the main mine sites across Western Australia.

Integrated with current leading infrastructure and maintenance contractors, we at Premier People have established solid, trusting working relationships, and a reputation amongst clients for supplying quality, reliable and hardworking individuals through labour-hire, who can take change in their stride and are not afraid of hard work.

If you are a skilled tradesperson, or have skills and qualifications, and experience working in the mining and resources industry, let us help you find a job by submitting an expression of interest today!

Positions available up to 3/07/2022


Job TitleProjectStart DateEnd DateType
BoilermakerCape Preston5/7/202222/7/2022FIFO
BoilermakerRio Cape Lambert 1/8/20225/8/2022FIFO
BoilermakerMt Marion10/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
BoilermakerMt Marion27/7/202229/7/2022FIFO
BoilermakerMt Marion13/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
BoilermakerMt Marion29/6/20221/7/2022FIFO
BoilermakerBoddington 1/7/20228/7/2022FIFO
Boilermaker Greenbushes7/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
Boilermaker Greenbushes17/7/202222/7/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Cb28/6/20224/7/2022FIFO
Boilermaker BHP Mt Keith 30/6/20227/7/2022FIFO
Boilermaker Mt Keith 30/6/20227/7/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Cloudbreak20/11/202228/11/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Christmas Creek  9/10/202214/10/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Cloudbreak27/9/20225/10/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Christmas Creek  22/8/202228/8/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Christmas Creek  12/7/202218/7/2022FIFO
Boilermaker FMG Cloudbreak30/6/20228/7/2022FIFO
Coded WelderBoddington12/7/202217/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor TechnicianFQM11/8/202226/8/2022FIFO
Conveyor TechnicianFQM5/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
Conveyor TechnicianNLO21/7/202224/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor TechnicianEnda May28/6/202230/6/2022FIFO
Conveyor TechnicianRoy Hill Mine19/7/202225/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Karara 6/7/20229/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Kings Valley 31/7/202210/8/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Boddington 4/7/20225/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician FQM30/6/202210/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Ravensthorpe 30/6/202210/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Roy Hill3/7/202217/8/2022FIFO
Conveyor technician Boddington 11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician BHP Mount Keith 2/11/20229/11/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician BHP Mount Keith 29/9/20224/10/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Pilbara Port 7/11/202210/11/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Pilbara Port 4/7/20227/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Sunrise Dam11/7/202217/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician KCGM11/7/202218/7/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Telfer13/8/202224/8/2022FIFO
Conveyor Technician Telfer2/7/20227/7/2022FIFO
Crane Operator 3:1Covalent Project 13/7/202230/9/2022FIFO
Data InputRoy Hill Port 4/8/202217/8/2022FIFO
HSERoy Hill Port 3/8/202217/8/2022FIFO
HSERoy Hill Port5/8/202216/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterGreenbushes7/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterGreenbushes17/7/202222/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterGruyere19/8/202223/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterJaguar Mine3/8/202210/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterRoy Hill Port 3/8/202217/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterAgnew26/7/20221/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterBHP Mt Keith 30/6/20227/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterTanami4/7/202213/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterBoddington12/7/202217/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterMt Keith 30/6/20227/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterKCGM11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterBoddington 10/7/202217/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterFMG Christmas Creek  9/10/202214/10/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterFMG Christmas Creek  22/8/202228/8/2022FIFO
Mechanical FitterFMG Christmas Creek  12/7/202218/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical Fitter Degrussa6/7/20228/7/2022FIFO
Mechanical Fitter FMG Cloudbreak20/10/202228/11/2022FIFO
Mechanical Fitter FMG Cloudbreak27/9/20225/10/2022FIFO
RiggerBHP Mt Keith 29/6/20227/7/2022FIFO
RiggerCape Preston5/7/202222/7/2022FIFO
RiggerBoddington 12/7/202217/7/2022FIFO
RiggerSunrise Dam 14/11/202220/11/2022FIFO
RiggerSunrise Dam 17/10/202221/10/2022FIFO
RiggerFMG Cloudbreak20/11/202228/11/2022FIFO
RiggerFMG Christmas Creek  9/10/202214/10/2022FIFO
RiggerFMG Cloudbreak27/9/20225/10/2022FIFO
RiggerFMG Christmas Creek  22/8/202228/8/2022FIFO
RiggerFMG Christmas Creek  12/7/202218/7/2022FIFO
Rigger 3:1Covalent Project 13/7/202230/9/2022FIFO
RiggerMt Keith 30/6/20227/7/2022FIFO
Roller TechnicianFMG Anderson Point 18/8/202226/8/2022FIFO
Roller TechnicianFMG Cloudbreak16/8/202223/8/2022FIFO
Roller TechnicianFMG Cloudbreak2/8/20229/8/2022FIFO
Roller TechnicianFMG Cloudbreak19/7/202226/7/2022FIFO
Roller TechnicianFMG Cloudbreak5/7/202212/7/2022FIFO
Roller TechnicianBHP South Flank22/7/202228/7/2022FIFO
Roller Technician Boddington 11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Roller Technician Boddington 11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Roller Technician Boddington11/7/202216/7/2022FIFO
Roller Technician FMG Anderson Point 6/12/202215/12/2022FIFO
Roller Technician FMG Anderson Point 2/10/202210/10/2022FIFO
Roller Technician FMG Anderson Point 29/8/202213/9/2022FIFO
Roller Technician FMG Anderson Point 29/7/202211/8/2022FIFO
Roller Technician FMG Anderson Point 5/7/202212/7/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerMurrin9/7/202210/7/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerJundee27/7/20222/8/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerTelfer12/8/202225/8/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerTelfer3/7/20227/7/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerPilbara Ngungaju20/7/202224/7/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerPilbara Pilgangoora30/6/20227/8/2022FIFO
Rubber LinerDegrussa6/7/20228/7/2022FIFO
Rubber Liner TAMt Keith30/6/20228/7/2022FIFO
Rubberliner TAFMG Christmas Creek  11/7/202219/7/2022FIFO
Safety OfficerProject  3:11/7/202230/9/2022FIFO
ScaffolderCape Preston5/7/202222/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianFMG Anderson Point 11/7/202216/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianFMG Anderson Point 30/6/20223/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianKoolyanobbing10/7/202213/6/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianFMG Anderson Point 18/7/202226/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Nelson Point1/1/20235/1/2023FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Nelson Point25/12/202229/12/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Nelson Point18/12/202222/12/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Nelson Point25/9/202229/9/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Nelson Point17/7/202221/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Finucane Island17/7/202221/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Nelson Point10/7/202214/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP Finucane Island3/7/20227/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianFMG Anderson Point 29/7/20228/8/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianFMG Anderson Point 6/7/202212/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBHP South Flank22/7/202228/7/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBoddington 7/11/202215/11/2022FIFO
Scraper TechnicianBoddington 11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Cape Lambert 29/6/20224/7/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Yandi 11/8/202216/8/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Cape Lambert 1/8/20225/8/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Yandi 28/7/20224/8/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Cape Lambert 21/7/202227/7/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Yandi 20/7/202226/7/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Yandi 14/7/202218/7/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 8/12/202216/12/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 4/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 2/1/202310/1/2023FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 26/12/20223/1/2023FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 19/12/202227/12/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Cloudbreak23/9/20225/10/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 19/1/202327/1/2023FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 5/1/202313/1/2023FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Cloudbreak12/9/202220/9/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 12/9/202220/9/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 29/8/20226/9/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Cloudbreak6/12/202213/12/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 12/9/202220/9/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 29/8/20226/9/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician Rio Cape Lambert 5:57/7/202230/11/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 21/7/202229/7/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 6/12/202215/12/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 2/10/202210/10/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 29/8/202213/9/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 29/7/202211/8/2022FIFO
Scraper Technician FMG Anderson Point 5/7/202212/7/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianTropicana 24/10/202228/10/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Mesa A30/10/20225/11/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Cape Lambert 31/10/20224/11/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Yandi 27/10/20221/11/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Guddai Darri 9/10/202213/10/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Yandi 6/10/202210/10/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Guddai Darri 11/9/202215/9/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Yandi8/9/202213/10/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Cape Lambert 29/8/20222/9/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio West Ange 23/8/202231/8/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Tinto Mesa J1/7/20226/7/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Tinto Yandi 14/7/202218/7/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Tinto Mesa J11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Tinto Yandi 10/8/202216/8/2022FIFO
Screen TechnicianRio Tinto Yandi 28/7/20222/8/2022FIFO
Screen Technician Gudai Darri11/8/202218/8/2022FIFO
Skirt TechnicianBHP South Flank22/7/202228/7/2022FIFO
SplicerMt Marion29/6/20221/7/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantCape Preston5/7/202222/7/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantGalaxy19/7/202221/7/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantBoddington12/7/202217/7/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantKMK Cogen1/11/202228/11/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantTropicana8/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantTropicana8/8/202212/8/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantSino7/12/202213/12/2022FIFO
Trades AssistantSino20/7/202226/7/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Murrin Murrin18/7/202231/12/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant BHP South Flank 3/10/202212/10/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant BHP South Flank 14/9/202222/9/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant BHP South Flank 29/8/20226/9/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Mesa A30/7/20226/8/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant RTIO Cape Lambert1/8/20228/8/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Rio Yandi 18/7/202227/7/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Guddai Darri 16/7/202220/7/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Murrin Murrin8/7/202221/7/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant BHP South Flank 10/8/202214/8/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant BHP South Flank 25/7/202229/7/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant BHP South Flank 1/7/20228/7/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Rio Cape Lambert31/7/20225/8/2022FIFO
Trades Assistant Rio Cape Lambert11/7/202215/7/2022FIFO
Workshop and Warehouse Jobs Recruitment Perth

Workshop, Warehouse, Transport and Logistics

Premier People are based right in the heart of Perth and Port Hedland’s Industrial Hubs! With a good understanding of the industry, we have built a strong presence and network across WA.

Here at Premier People, we have established solid, trusting relationships, and a reputation amongst clients for supplying quality, reliable and hardworking individuals who are not afraid of hard work and can take change in their stride.

6We supply a wide range of trades to various workshops and warehouses including boilermakers, welders, mechanical fitters, machine and warehouse operators, stores people, forklift operators, pickers, packers, drivers and supervisors.

Positions available up to 3/07/2022


Job TitleProjectStart DateEnd DateType
2nd class Boilermaker Belmont ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Aluminium WelderBassandean ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Boilermaker BelmontASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Communications Technician Carlisle ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Electrical Assemblers Carlisle ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Forklift Operator Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Forklift OperatorsJandakot ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
HD Fitter Hazelmere ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
HD Fitter Hazelmere ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Hydraulic Technician Welshpool ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
LO Operator Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Machine OperatorFenner Workshop ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Machine Operator Canning Vale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Machine Operator  – Packer Canning Vale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Maintenance FitterNeerabup ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Mechanical Fitter Kenwick ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Mechanical Fitter Hazelmere ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Mechanical Fitter Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Mechanical Fitter Canning Vale workshop ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Pick Packer Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Pick Packer Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Service TechnicianKenwick ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Spray Painter Hazelmere ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Spray Painter Fixed Plant Overhaul DivisionASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Stock Take Assistants Hazelmere ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Stores Person Welshpool ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
StorespersonRema OfficeASAPTemp to PermMetro 
StorespersonWelshpoolASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Trades Assistant Canning Vale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Trades Assistant Belmont ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Trades Assistant Hazelmere ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Tyre Fitter Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Warehouse OperativeKewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Warehouse Operative Canning Vale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Warehouse Operative Canning Vale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Warehouse Operative/ Trades Assistant Kewdale ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Warehouse Operator Welshpool ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Welder Kenwick ASAPTemp to PermMetro 
Premier People recruitment company Perth WA

Admin and Clerical

No matter the industry, whether it is mining, construction, retail, sales, hospitality, services or medical, clerical staff must be skilled and efficient at every level to ensure the smooth running of your business operations. 

We supply skilled admin and clerical staff across all industries. Please submit your expression of interest if you would like to be considered for admin or clerical positions.