What makes the Premier people RECRUITMENT PROCESS different from other RECRUITMENT companies

At the core of all our recruitment processes are our P.R.E.M.I.E.R values. We do not even consider an applicant’s skillset or experience until they have demonstrated that they have our core values at heart:

Pro-activity: They are keen to work and add value to our client organisations.

Respect: For themselves; colleagues; hierarchy and the environment in which they exist.

Engaging: Possess skills and abilities to socialise; converse and co-exist in shared spaces.

Motivated: Intrinsically driven to succeed and support colleagues and clients in a joint success.

Inclusive: Mindful and respectful of the diversity within our work and shared spaces.

Empathetic: Demonstrate compassion and patience for others and a drive to help where needed.

Reliable: Does what they say they will, when they will.

Only when we are confident that individuals share our P.R.E.M.I.E.R values do we consider their skill set and work experience for roles with our clients and partners businesses. So let’s have a closer look at how this works…

1. Initial Hello

After a pre-screen telephone conversation to validate all applications, we meet in person every single candidate we represent, and not just once! We meet them a minimum of three times and take into consideration their P.R.E.M.I.E.R values at every opportunity.

i. Initial meeting with the receptionist

ii. Group activity and assessment

iii. Individual meeting with a recruitment consultant

At every one of these meetings, our team are trained to assess and analyze a candidates interactions and conduct. For us to proceed with an individual, we require mutual consent from all three personnel! We want people who ‘treat the receptionist with the same level of respect as they would a senior team member’.

2. Group selection event

All candidates at PP are required to complete an assessment centre. This is a 1-2 hour process where we explain our values and what we are looking for in people that want to work with PP.

Candidates are pushed and perturbed as we present; question and interact with them in a group environment. Games are played individually and as part of a team, to unmask a candidates’: personality traits; empathy; communication; leadership and negotiation skills.

We are looking to make sure a candidate can work well individually and as part of a team and we DO NOT rely on the CV to evidence this, we demonstrate it live and in person.

3. One – to – One Interview

Assuming a candidate has made it to the personal interview stage

(and not everyone does!) We then take the opportunity to get to know them on a personal

level during a face to face personal interview.

A trained and experienced recruiter will delve deeper into their ‘soft skills’ and their specific

experiences in both work and leisure environments that support their suitability for a role with

our clients. We will verify their experience and qualifications and finish with a reference check

to verify employment history.

4. Medical / Drug and Alcohol testing

All candidates at PP complete the appropriate level of medical testing required by our clients, and no one go’s to site without a valid drug and alcohol screening.

5. Further training

assessment and induction: Where required PP will ensure that our candidates complete any additional testing; training or assessments as per our client requirements to ensure they are fit and competent for the role they are being employed in.