Three Myths About Working with a Recruitment Agency

At Premier People, we specialise in supplying experienced, quality and skilled people. We take pride in our personal approach that facilitates us to connect our clients with jobs that suit their own innate abilities, talents and skills. We feel that it is this that makes us one of the best and most focused recruiting agencies. Perth companies and those from the surrounding areas have come to rely on our services.

It’s true that many people have misconceptions about recruitment agencies. These could come from anecdotes they’ve heard from others or perhaps some bad experiences they’ve had. Here, at Premier People, we’re different and help good causes around the globe. Additionally, we invest in our candidates with extra training to update their skills. We work in a variety of sectors, including hospitality recruitment, Perth and construction recruitment, Perth. We are also one of the foremost mining recruitment agencies, Perth-wide. With this in mind, let’s take a look at four of the myths that stop some people from working with a recruitment agency.

  1. Recruiters Don’t Care about Candidates

 Perhaps one of the most common myths about recruitment agencies is that their only concern is to fill a role. Of course, recruitment is all about filling roles but the only way to effectively do so is by finding the right person. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence, therefore, we care about your happiness as much as we care about the recruiters.

  1. It’s the  Agency’s Job to Manage a Work Search

 While a recruiter is an excellent resource to help you find a job, they’re not responsible for managing your career. A recruiter can offer you help in terms of focusing your attention on your job search but it’s you who is responsible for your career.

  1. Recruitment Agencies only Recruit for Advertised Positions

 Clients come to us regularly seeking candidates for a variety of roles. We then search our database to find someone who is the right fit. So, we contact you if we have a position that could be of interest to you, even if it hasn’t been advertised elsewhere.

We hope this article has helped you to dispel some of the myths attached to the recruitment agency industry. If you’re looking for your next challenge, get in touch!